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Predator lab shrimp


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Predator lab shrimp

Own the seas


Genetic metamorphosis series

Inter flow maximised turbulence system


Retrieve: These lures make use of the “InterFlow” which is engineered based on aqua-dynamics, where water compression creates the essential energy for us to recreate the prey-like characteristics. Upon retrieval, water is forced through the larger front intake manifolds and forced out via the smaller exits in the lure. PR-Labs believes that the generated energy enhances the realism of their lures.

This lure is best fished well over or outside of structure, as the bait makes use of two exposed trebles which will hang up easily in vegetation. When retrieving we noticed the lure had a slight side to side action, but for the most part didn’t rock side by side all that much. This is due to the evenly weighted characteristics of the lure and the flat bill.


If there was a weight system in this lure and a slightly curved bill the bait would whip back and forth more aggressively. This was not PR Lab’s intent however, as they wanted to create a subtle presentation, one more like a real retreating shrimp. As water shoots through the chamber it does cause the lure to emit some sound, though not something that anglers will hear. But the question is will fish?


We retrieved the lures with slow and fast retrieves, and even added in pauses and jerks. We didn’t like the lure when burned as there is just about no action at all, and had little success fishing it when retrieved very fast. This may be a good technique when targeting saltwater species, but we found our local largemouth and stripers uninterested in the lure when it was on the move quickly. In our opinion there are two really effective ways to fish the PRL Shrimp. The first is a consistent slow retrieve which allows the lure to move back and forth consistently with water moving through the chamber. We were able to get both largemouth and stripers to pursue and commit.


Equipped – owner hooks

Weight – 20g

Length- 90mm

Depth- 3 mtr

Type – floating

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