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Aquarium Ac/Dc Oxygen Pump Portable


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  1. This compact and super silent air pump is designed with the most updated denoising technology and excellent performance. Battery capacity: 2600 Ma Full charge working time: 15-18 hours (continuous), 23-26 hours (intermittent) Voltage: DC5V Power: 1W, 2W Gas volume: 1.5l/min,3.0L/min.
  2. AUTOMATIC SWITCH OF AC/DC MODES – The pump works with both AC and DC power supply. It can be used as a standard air pump with the AC power plugged in all the time, while when there is a power cut, it will switch to the DC power supply (runs with the lithium battery) automatically
  3. Quiet & Unique Design: The bottom has 4 arrow-shaped cushion rubber columns designed to reduce noise. Minimum noise is 35 dB. Small aquarium air pump, non-slip mouse shape make it easy to hold and there is a metal buckle on the back for easy hanging.It’s ideal for both fresh and marine water.
  4. LITHIUM BATTERY – The pump comes with an in-built rechargeable lithium battery. which is USB rechargeable, i.e it can be charged by wall charger, power bank, or laptop – very convenient. The 2600mAh capacity can support the air pump to run for 20 hours continuously. The pump is also designed with periodical operation feature to save power consumption – when this is activated, the lithium battery can last for 30 hours.
  5. ALL IN ONE – All the accessories needed to run the pump are included in the package: 2 meter airline tubing, 2 x air stones, 2 x , data cable and charger

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